Yvonne Nelson? I have only hurt one woman and I’m sorry I did – Iyanya

Iyanya has revealed that while news made rounds about him hurting women, it has always been the other way round.

The Mr Oreo singer said that he has only hurt one woman and he regrets it. He said “na dem dey always hurt me but dem go come outside come tell una say na me hurt them”.

The artiste who’s new EP drops on December 6 stated that “for everyone I hurt, I had also been hurt”, he was however quick to say that it wasn’t in retaliation.

“Every time you people hear that I broke somebody’s heart, I am being honest about this, they’ve broken mine too.

They’ve broken my heart so many times.
Na only one person I know say I break her heart. If I tell you now you go make headline. Don’t worry. Fill in the blank space.

“I no mention anybody name oh I just talk say somebody oh. If you are reading ask me I will tell you it is you.

Speaking on what could have transpired between him and the said lady, he said; “The moment you get famous its God’s grace that keeps you. I got famous, I was young, I did what anybody would do if they were Young and famous but now I’m grown I can’t be doing things I did when I was eighteen, I’m trying to settle down now.

He noted that whenever he finds the right woman he would keep his relationship private.

“I will keep my relationship a little bit more private. The thing is many people on social media don’t really care, they just want to have fun either you win or lose. Next time when i find somebody i love I’m not going ti show you guys till I marry.

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