Vagina Fart (18+): All You Need To Know About Queefing

There are some noises that happen during sex that u pretty much just have to ignore. It happens to all ladies. Medically it is know as *Queefing*

Fart is a gas coming out of your butt but queef describes the lil sound of air rushing out of your pussy

Queefs happen when air works its way into the vaginal canal and then escapes, sometimes making a farty toot-toot sounds as it passes back out through the vaginal opening

Queefs don’t smell because they’re caused by plain old air. They’re basically the vaginal version of making fart sounds with your mouth


The position in which the chances of queefing are the most is doggy style. This is because in this position, your partner pushes more air into your vaginal canal


Queefs don’t happen only during sex!!

You can queef while you are doing jumping jacks or while coughing or while trampolining. It doesn’t only have to do with sex.


You cannot do much about your queefs!! Air getting trapped inside the vagina is only natural during sex.

The only thing that can be done to avoid it is to slow down the speed of sex. But that is not a very realistic solution.

All you must do is gracefully recover from the awkward position of a vaginal fart. Give your partner a heads up if he doesn’t already know and what you probably can do is just laugh it off. For you have no control over your body functions

But there’s nothing abnormal about letting out a sputter of queefs every time you have sex — air is a gas, & the nature of gases is that they fill their containers. Sometimes that container just happens to be your cavernous vagina

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