The Slay Queen who leaked Ghana’s National Security video is having a child’s brain – Ibrah One

The hottest trending news of the moment is the leaked video of National Security Minister Kan Dapaah having a video call with his sidechick.

There’s total confusion on social media. Some people see nothing wrong with the leaked video whiles others also think the Minister should resign immediately.

Well, Ghanaian Young Millionaire Ibrah One has also reacted to the viral video. According to him, the Slay Queen’s action of leaking the video makes her someone who has a child’s mind.

He went on to hit on people calling for Hon. Albert Kan Dapaah’s resignation, that he hasn’t done anything wrong to warrant that.

In a Snapchat and an INstagram post, he wrote:

I prefer to be discussed 1 whole month with people talking sh*t about me than to give $1 to some useless Slay Queen who did not work for it.

This Slay Queen is a fool having a child’s brain.

Albert Kan Dapaah should even go in for more younger Slay Queens. Something must kill a man.

Those fools saying Hon. Kan Dapaah should resign over the leaked video, what do you seek to achieve?

What has he done in the video to cause a resignation?

Allow the good man to have peace of mind.’


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