Year of Return Wahala: Sakawa Boy Sells Cape Coast Castle To White Man For 890K Cedis

Government’s Year of Return Policy is proving to be more lucrative way of making more money. Apart from the monies accrue at the tourist sites, other services providers such as the transports and hotels are making millions daily.

Surprisingly, the Year of Return is not only enriching the Government but the few unemployed and IT Gurus with laptops. These IT Gurus are often referred locally as “Sakawa Boys”. 

According to latest information reaching our headquarters in Accra, an Akwasi Broni is currently in hot waters after been scammed. From the reports, the Akwasi Broni bought the Cape Coast castle at a cost of 890,000 Ghana Cedis. After the purchase, the white man dropped from the States to claim his property only to be told it belonged to Government.

At the moment, Government is cautioning all visitors to be very careful with their dealings with some individuals. Information also indicates that, Government is also fishing out the supposed Sakawa Boy.

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