REVEALED: Queen Farcadi Faked Her Marriage To Gain Attention – Check Out Who Got Married

Popular SnapChat and Instagram professional ‘hoe’, Queen Farcadi was all over social media after news about her marriage to one Mr Frimpong went viral.

But here is the showdown! It turns out that the queen of all ‘hoes’ in Ghana, Queen Farcadi wasn’t the one who got married to Mr Frimpong.

Queen Farcadi’s big sister is the one who got married to Mr Frimpong today but famewhore, Farcadi, faked it and used the opportunity to trend and also market her hoeing business.

Queen Farcadi isn’t married nor dating─her hoeing business continues as usual.

To the “holier than thou ladies” who were disappointed that Queen Farcadi who has sold her body to over 100 men for money has married ahead of them, calm down because she wasn’t the one who got married.

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