Wife Allows Husband To Marry Second Wife, She Even Sponsored The Wedding

For a woman not to get jealous when she sees her husband cheating it must be that the love they shared together has faded or she’s already tired of the relationship. So what do you think she will do if the man eventually brings in a woman from nowhere?

She’s going to definitely file for a divorce.

But today a i stumbled upon a news of a woman who allowed her husband to marry a second wife till the extent of even doing a marriage for them by sponsoring their wedding and even feeding the newly wedded wife of the wedding day.

This has got lot of Nigerians talking with some saying that for this to happen, the man must be extremely rich so she didn’t want to be at loss while some said that it must be because the man is satisfying her down there anf ladies who were displeased with this said that she is only pretending that she might just poison them after the marriage or even maltreat the new wife.

A user even said that since they are Muslim, she has no other choice that to accept the new wife since its allowed in their Religion.

See Images from the marriage session below:

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