Getting Married and Having Children is Not an Achievement

Nigerian Singer, Lami Phillips who is married with a daughter, shared the caption above on her Instagram page this evening.

Lami believes that being a Mrs or having children is not an accomplishment.

Being a Mrs is not an accomplishment.

Having children is not an accomplishment.

Both are blessing.. those who are Ms or not with Children aren’t less than.

They are living their lives and fulfulling purpose.

Be on your own lane.

Just saying! Like sometimes I hear people saying “how can they talk to her like that.. don’t they know she’s somebody’s wife”! Hellllluuur! She is “somebody”.. end of story. Or people saying “am I your mate”? Recently someone who was like 21 or so was talking to a 17 yr old with “I am not your mate” Toné! Hello.. people should be treated with respect regardless of age. Don’t get it twisted!

All these people (particularly women) who carry age on their head .. take it easy… just treat people well. That your “junior” in secondary school might be your boss one day. Humility and Character are key. ( while we’re here, should I go back to

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