Guy releases before & after WhatsApp chat with a lady he ‘fucked’

The world is becoming a very funnier place to live. A young man recognized as Callistus Kwadwo Asamoah on Facebook has released a WhatsApp chat of a lady he probably ‘chopped’ into the Facebook Group, Tell it All.

Callistus Kwadwo Asamoah per the chat looked so caring to the lady prior to their ‘match’.

However, after unleashing the feelings out of himself unto the lady in question, he turned to switch from his caring nature to his usual ‘I Don’t Care’ lifestyle.

He labeled the Screenshot as; ‘Before smashing vs after smashing. What do you think?’

It could possibly be that he was just being jovial in the popular Facebook group.

His post is the exact formula that is usually used by some top Ghanaian ‘F#ck Boys’.

They tend to be caring from the start but switches to default settings once they are done crossing the line in-between their lover’s legs.

See Screenshot Below:

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