Believing Son Is Gay, Florida Dad Abandons Him at Police Station

A 30-year-old Florida man is facing child neglect charges after police say he abandoned his underage son at a closed police station without food, water, money, or a phone.

Evenaud Julmeus allegedly got into an argument with his son before telling him to pack a bag and driving him to the Haines City Police Department around 9:30 p.m. Sunday. A police report indicated Julmeus believed his son was gay and told him the police would find him a new home, according to Tampa Bay-area TV station WFTS.

A witness spotted the child being abandoned and utilized an emergency call box at the closed station. The child was described as “upset and crying.”

Julmeus returned home and informed the child’s mother where he left him, prompting her to retrieve him and leave her other two children in Julmeus’s care. Police report that Julmeus then left the house, leaving those children unsupervised until police arrived at the home.

Julmeus was later arrested. He faces child abandonment charges, which in Florida can be a felony in certain cases.

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