Manchester United fans react to disappointing draw vs Aston Villa

Manchester United fans have slowly begun to turn on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer following the disappointing draw vs Aston Villa with less and less fans calling for patience than before.

The legendary Norwegian’s side have 18 points from 14 matches and are currently 22 points off from fierce rivals and league leaders Liverpool.

It’s safe to say that’s an unacceptable points return and in any other season, United would be far worse off in the table than the ninth position they’re in now.

Solskjaer has looked better simply because the Premier League has been incredible inconsistent and competitive this campaign with Liverpool pretty much the only team pulling away from the rest.

For all their troubles the Red Devils are only eight points off a top four spot so that’s enough of an indication of what kind of season it’s been this time around.

It’s certainly become more and more difficult to defend Solskjaer, particularly with Mauricio Pochettino technically being a ‘free agent’.

What also makes this week’s result so incredibly frustrating is that the entire starting XI was fully rested and did not feature in the midweek clash against Astana.

There doesn’t seem to be any real excuses this weekend and so supporters have lost their patience.

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