Bhim fans attack M.anifest for teaming up with Kelvynboy to diss Stonebwoy

If you want to feature an artist on a diss song, look no further, M.anifest is the one to go for since his records speak so well for him.

The Ghanaian rapper seems to have carved a niche for himself after helping Strongman throw shots at Medikal during their lyrical beef some months ago.

In the recent development, m.anifest also known as God MC has teamed up with Kelvynboy to release a diss song directed at Stonebwoy and social media users have already waded into the beef sharing their view on the diss song, ‘Yawa No Dey’.

The lyrical content of the song taking into critical thinking seems to have been recorded with Stonebwoy in mind.

Well, whatever and however you may take it, social media have come to the conclusion that Manifest has now become a “lawyer of beef” who is hired by artistes to bring down the hard-earned reputation of other artistes into disrepute.

Commenting on M.anifest’s post after he uploaded the link to the song on Facebook, many users took him for teaming with Kelvynboy to diss Stonebwoy.

Below are screenshots of some of their reactions:

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