Italian goalkeeper suspended by his club after he was caught having ‘sex in nightclub toilet’

Italian goalkeeper and Reggio Audace star, Matteo Voltolini has been suspended by his club after he was caught having sex in a nightclub toilet’

The 23-year-old who didn’t play any part in their 2-1 win over Vis Pesaro on Sunday (Nov.17) visited a local nightspot that same night.

According to Corriere Dello Sport, Voltolini met a young woman at the club, who he started flirting with before they ended up in the toliet, where they had sex. Unknown to them, a fellow clubber secretly filmed the couple romping in a toilet cubicle.

A 15-second clip of the couple having sex went viral after being posted on social media.

Reggio Audace said in a statement: “We announce the preventive suspension from sporting activities of our player Matteo Voltolini for one week.

“This is while we wait to learn in full about the post-match events on Sunday November 17.”

According to The Sun, Voltolin, who has made three appearances for Audace is considering legal action, claiming a breach of privacy.

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