Real Madrid told to cancel Gareth Bale’s contract after Wales star mocks Spanish giants

Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale risked angering the club even further on Tuesday night.

The Welsh star is unpopular with fans in Madrid, having been close to an exit this Summer.

Bale has often been accused of caring more about playing golf than playing for the Spanish giants.

The 30-year-old caused controversy during the summer when he skipped a pre-season game to play a round of golf, and was pictured by Spanish tabloids on the course.

And after Tuesday night’s win for Wales over Hungary, he risked further angering the Madrid fans, as he held up a flag containing the words: “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order.”

Members of the Spanish media were furious, as Twitter account Madrid Sports referred to the incident as “Unforgivable.”

The tweet read: “We would terminate his contract today.

“What a bad taste Gareth Bale. Unforgivable.

Gareth Bale openly mocked Real Madrid on Tuesday night (Image: GETTY)
Gareth Bale celebrated Wales’ win with this flag (Image: TWITTER)

“We have always defended you, Gareth Bale.

“We have had patience with your thousand injuries, we have celebrated your goals and assists, we have defended your passion for golf and your limited Spanish.

“But enough. You are lagging at, as it puts on the flag, Madrid.”

Last week, Bale was asked about the negative coverage he gets in Spanish press, but laughed off the reports.

Gareth Bale held a flag mocking Real Madrid on Tuesday night (Image: TWITTER)

“I’ve heard some stories but I don’t really take notice,” he said.

“My friends tend to send me some funny pictures or whatever they write.

“I find it hilarious to be honest, especially some of the pictures and stuff my friends send me. On one, it said ‘triple bogey’ and I’ve never had a triple bogey! At least give me an albatross! It’s funny.

“Maybe to them [the Spanish media] it doesn’t look great but it’s just a kind of coincidence that the national team comes around this week and I’ve returned to full training.

“If I’m fit, no matter where I am, I’m going to try to play, whether it be for Wales or Madrid. For me it was a no-brainer: if I’m fit to play then I’ll give it my all.”

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