Football Fan Gets ‘Electrocuted’ While Watching Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hattrick For Portugal On His Phone With Charger Plugged In [Graphic Photos/Video]

A football fan was ‘electrocuted by the handset’ as he watched a match on the phone with the charger plugged in. 

Somchai Singkhorn, 40, a chef from Thailand was last seen on Tuesday night laying on his mattress with a can of beer while watching TV on his phone with his headphones plugged in. 

Football fan is

The next morning, he was was found dead in his room in Samut Prakan with burn marks on his arm and neck. Somchai’s phone was said to be plugged when they found him and his earphones were resting across his arm, face, and neck. 

His roommate, Saeng, 28, initially thought he was sick and then called his boss to inform him about the situation until he later discovered that Somchai was actually dead. 

Saeng said: ‘I went to wake him up but he was not moving, so I [was] worried that he might be ill. I contacted our employer but when he came to check, he told me that Somchai was dead.’ 

According to Saeng, he claimed his friend always stayed up to listen to music or watching football on his phone before he went to bed. 

He said: ‘He always stays up late concentrating on his phone before he sleeps. Last night when I last saw him alive he was doing that, the same as other nights. He was watching football.’

When police arrived at the scene, they found cans of beer and Coca Cola at the deceased’s feet. His body was later transported for an autopsy where the cause of death is being investigated. 

Football fan is

Police Colonel Warawach Thammasarot said: ‘The deceased was laid on the mattress with his phone and earphone[s] on him but we also found beer and fizzy drinks near him. 

‘From the initial checks, we suspected that he was electrocuted but we need to check everything and wait for his postmortem examination results before we confirm the exact cause of death.’

Watch the video below. 

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