Shatta Wale accused of stealing a song of a new artist, Kweku Smoke

Kweku Smoke, the young Ghanaian artist who was set to be signed unto Shatta Movement Family by the CEO, Shatta Wale has come out to accuse Shatta Wale of stealing his song.

According to Kweku Smoke, Shatta Wale tweeted he liked his vibe and expressed interest in signing him which got him excited. Kweku Smoke says he was invited to Shatta Wale’s house where they both had a lovely day.

Shatta Wale expressed interest in featuring on one of his songs and also asked him to feature on his.

But after he was done featuring on Shatta Wale’s song and was waiting for Shatta Wale to finish with his, Shatta Wale has cunningly twisted his song and is set to drop it as his own song.

Kweku Smoke who is a very well known boy of Sarkodie sent a strong warning to Shatta Wale to be careful and not try him.

He boldly stated he does not want Shatta Wale to sign him again; he is not interested and no one should tag him with SMF again!

Watch the video below

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