People are not living their best life in USA, they should come to Ghana – Sarkodie to people living abroad

Sarkodie have really been up and about promoting the year of return and makes so many good points.

Some points tho, many may consider an exaggeration, for example Sarkodie believes people are not living their best life in the states, but with how Ghana is currently going we’re not sure if it’s a better alternative.

Read his narration on why people living abroad should come down;

I think it’s about that time that people in the diaspora take trips back home, because there’s a lot of people out there that don’t come home and have a certain perception about their home that has to change.

I’ve been around the world because of my job and that has exposed me to a lot and has taught me a lot.

There’s a lot that we are sitting on here in Africa that we overlook and try to go elsewhere because of the perceptions that people have. I think it’s only right that people come back home. All it takes is a trip.

You come back home, you see the vibe, you can see how you’re being welcomed by your people. The love here is massive.

I have not stayed in the States for a while, but I can tell for a fact that a lot of people living out there, are not living their best life to the fullest—I feel like they can achieve that when they come back home.

There are opportunities to bring whatever you’ve been able to acquire out there and come and use it to support the motherland.

That was why I had to include that message, since I had a platform to urge people to come back home and see their roots, see their people and connect.

It’s very necessary, at least for black people. When you come back home you have a sense of pride, that you have a home to rely on. When you go back, you gain a different approach to life.

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