A Hopeless Girl Child

The world tends to lay thorns, On the path of the less, Deprived from her rights, Subdued by her own cultural rites.

Many obstacles, She fights, Made to stand on dangerous heights, As day by day, on her way, Different tragedy strikes.

Her presence, considered worthless, Forced to EARLY MARRIAGE, Her dire need for education ignored, Her body might be hers to wash, Her rights violated, but its just normal, But her parents are proud, To hand over her like a bag, To an old man, They must be so proud, Married off to a rich old man, The saddest reality.

At a tender age, in her womb, She got to carry a child, Early pregnancy, and in her mind, She loses ease, Haunted by people’s words, That pierce her heart like the arrows of Jama Komoro does, Deep in her own world, she loses peace.

Subjected to FGM, A cultural practice that hurts, The old lady (Jarti), ready with her medieval knife, For the brutal cut, A cut on the genital part, ouch! Painful, She is helpless, Deep in her heart, there’s a loud cry, That she wishes everyone could have heard, The power to change everything, The only thing that she wishes she could have had, If wishes were horses…

Listen! A sister somewhere is stranded, In the middle nowhere, in darkness, Surrounded by bloody monsters, parents, Won’t you even wake up, And provide a light, for her, Enlighten the community on the dangers of FGM, Protect your sister and daughter.

A sister somewhere needs a help, Stand up before it’s late, Don’t let her dreams to be swept away/shuttered.

Raise your voice, For the voiceless, Say NO TO FGM, Say NO TO EARLY MARRIAGE, Say NO Violation of sister’s rights, No to brutal and barbaric cultural rites.

Protect Girl Child

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