Kumchacha turns papers into money on live TV to expose Juju men

Controversial Ghanaian man of God, Prophet Kumchacha was not playing around when he declared his intentions to expose some juju men in Ghana.

In the studios of Okay Fm, Kumchacha has turned newspapers into money on live Radio/Facebook Live to expose the tricks of juju men.

Kumchacha who came to the studio with a box that was believed to be empty started by ripping the papers into pieces.

He then proceeded to show the empty box to everyone watching just like juju men who claim to conjure money do.

After placing the piece of paper into the boxed and covering it with one of the panelists’ shirt, the papers turned into bundles of money when Kumchacha opened the box.

Explaining how he did it, Kumchacha revealed the box had two compartments. One side was already stuffed with the money. So he just flipped to one side.

Prophet Nicholas Osei aka Kumchacha claims that is how juju men trick people into believing they can conjure money.

Watch the video below

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