Married celebrity who is secretly gay exposed by guy he used and dumped ( + Screenshot)

A young man has sent an email to Joro, the social media relationship expert threatening to expose a famous personality who used and dumped him.

According to the young who confessed he is gay, he has been shacking it with a celebrity who is married for a while now.

But, the celeb who is a Nigerian has dumped him and treating him like he does not exist after they slept together.

He is now going about with his wife and kid as if he has never heard of him. He claims he is not even picking his calls anymore after they fvcked.

Now, he feels used and he has vowed to exposed the man if he continues to ignore him.

In the screenshot of the post shared by Joro on her Instagram page, the man claims the message is just a warning and he knows the celeb will see what is coming.


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