Racism: White boy abuses black girl (Video)

The fight against racism seems to be dwindling to a premature rest as on a daily basis men and women of color are bring dehumanized and racially abused. We hear of racism in sports and other works of life. Over the weekend Lewis Hamilton completed one of the greatest comebacks in Formula 1 history but the celebration was later engulfed by a dark mist of racism.

Recently it was Raheem Sterling of Manchester City FC, England and before that, it was Romelu Lukaku of Inter Milan, Itlay. The frequency of these events begs the question, are we healing of detoirating further in our treatment of fellow humans? Are we becoming more civilized or being held back by the savagery of racism?

Obviously the problem eats deep, and it’s digging its way down to the grassroots and spreading like cancer.

See how this white boy racially abuses another person assumed to be a black girl or lady, reactions follow.

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