2 out of 3 kids are not mine – Man married for 12 years narrates

– A Nigerian man has cried out for help after he discovered some of his children her not his biologically

– The man identified simply as Dayo narrated that he recently did a DNA test and discovered that two out of three are not his children

– Dayo said he decided to investigate after years of watching his wife move out of the house and move back in again

A Nigerian man has narrated a heartbreaking family secret he recently discovered. The man identified simply as Dayo took to his Facebook page to narrate his story and cry out for help to find his daughter.

He revealed that he recently discovered that two out of his three children and not biologically his after 12 years of marriage. He said he found out after he did a DNA test on all the children.

According to him, he and his wife always had issues that were resolved for them by family members. He noted that every time they have a fight his wife moves out of the house and comes back after they have settled.

Dayo said there was a time he asked his children where their mother took them to and they revealed that they had gone to stay at an uncle’s place. He noted that he always suspected something but he never acted until now.

He explained that his suspicion led him to dig up her friends on Facebook and she found an ex-boyfriend who looked a lot like their firstborn.

He narrated that his son’s resemblance to the ex-boyfriend led him to a DNA test for his firstborn child and he discovered the child was not his own. Dayo said he confronted his wife but she was not remorseful and he decided to do the rest only to find out he only fathered one child.

Dayo, who is still in shock, cried out, saying he has not seen his wife and children ever since. He urged people to help him find her so he can get his daughter from her.

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