LEAKED: $ɛxtape Of Two Babcock University Students Hits Online

A leaked $ɛxtape available to theviewpoint has two Babcock University Students ‘chopping’ themselves as if their lives depend on it

The said video was allegedly released by the guy who was busily ‘chopping’ the lady from behind and it happened right in Babcock University school campus.

According to a few reports, the girl is a student in the accounting department while the guy in the video had been expelled from the school before the incident happened but claims he was dared and that is why he decided to drop the video.

The video has generated mass destruction after being released online. See reactions from some social media users below.

Unilag and #Babcock trending for the wrongest reason! No innovation, no scientific discovery, no olympics medal, no economic model breakthrough, but Sx tap! Waste”. – @BhadmusAkeem

“See as the good sis executed a U turn and swallowed the prick and babies with accuracy. No wonder zlatan and Olamide always hail BabCOCK babes in their song. Awon Omo burger burger”. – @Biisi96

Never keep records of what you don’t want others to have access to,the moment it is documented it’s vulnerable to public outburst …#Mia_Khalifa #unilag #babcock” @troy_bape

“Never trust a man no matter how faithful he is #babcock #unilag poor girl wasted 3yrs only to get expelled over a stupid act that is not making babies OMG now” @Wendy

“Private university faaaaa People that are spending millions well shaaa her parents are rich Let me mind my business” -@adeyemo_ramota


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